Comparison of PFAS recoveries between cartridge format WAX/GCB vs dispersive GCB
28 Jan 2022

In this webinar, Dr. Richard Jack will demonstrate the robust LC-MS/MS recovery and precision that Strata PFAS single-tube WAX/GCB sample preparation provides for non-drinking water PFAS analysis. He will illustrate the equivalence of this method to a two-step SPE WAX followed by dispersed GCB, thereby meeting DoD QSM 5.3 and EPA 1633 requirements. Plus, Dr. Jack will outline how one cartridge WAX/GCB format reduces sample handling, sample preparation time, material cost, and labor cost, thereby increasing laboratory productivity and sample throughput when compared to the traditional two-step sample preparation process.

  • Learn how to optimize SPE workflows for PFAS
  • Explore product formats that meet regulatory requirements
  • How to bring productivity improvements to your lab

Who should attend?

Lab managers, scientists, bench chemists, and scientists in method development that work on PFAS analysis.

Most relevant related technology?

Solid-phase extraction, LC-MS/MS

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