Building the foundation of a smart lab
16 Nov 2021

Working in the laboratory, your main objective is to successfully complete your planned research. Typically, your day can involve sample preparation, experimentation, data collection and analysis. However, unforeseen factors can disrupt your workflow such as device downtime, user error, lack of sample traceability, contamination, and inaccurate data. The biggest challenges often lie in realizing that these issues are happening and then understanding how to best resolve them.

In this webinar, learn how implementing smart solutions such as digitalization and automation can streamline your processes, resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in the lab, with reduced hands-on time
  • Enhanced security of your samples and integrity of your data
  • Reduced bottlenecks in your workflow due to equipment downtime

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to identify issues with your current lab setup
  • Learn about smart solutions and how they can be beneficial
  • Discover what smart solutions to implement based on your lab’s needs

Who should attend?

  • Scientists and lab managers working in academia, biotech, and pharma