Biophysical characterization of protein reagents for batch-to-batch reproducibility
27 Jan 2022

The quality of protein reagents is critical to ensuring reproducibility and consistency for research. In this webinar, Deborah Moore-Lai will briefly introduce a new protein product line and discuss the approach taken at Abcam to ensure batch-to-batch consistency of these proteins.

This reproducibility is validated through extensive biophysical quality control, including reversed-phase (RP)-HPLC, intact mass analysis, and thermal ramp stability analysis. Through the use of thermal stability, Abcam is able to further demonstrate batch-to-batch reproducibility using a correlation coefficient, which is generated by comparing thermal stability between individual protein batches. The full biophysical data analysis is provided for customers to demonstrate Abcam’s commitment to quality and consistency, and to contribute towards the successful research outcomes for our customers.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about new product line at Abcam
  • Understand the commitment Abcam has to ensuring reproducibility and batch-to-batch consistency
  • Understand various biophysical QC methods undertaken at Abcam

Who should attend:

  • Protein scientists that are working in cell and gene therapy, using cell culture applications, and conduct ELISA/cell based assays
  • Anyone using bioactive proteins in their workflow and need to understand what validation steps are required to guarantee reproducibility
  • Anyone interested in understanding how Abcam’s range of premium bioactive proteins achieves reproducibility and the advantages these proteins provide

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