Biobanking masterclass: Essential tips and tools for optimized processes
18 Dec 2020

Biobanking processes such as the collection, preservation, transportation, and storage of biological material and associated data (BMaD) as well as the traceability, QC/QA, and efficiency throughout these processes can be improved by utilizing technological advancements including automation, software integration, innovative equipment, and advanced biological material identification methods.

Join Susan Garrison, Sample Collection Coordinator for the Cornell Biobank in Ithaca, NY, to learn how automation technology and the accompanying software designed for sample storage and retrieval can impact BMaD quality, security and traceability, process efficiency and documentation as well as personnel safety and retention.

Key learning objectives:

  • How automation technology for biological material storage and retrieval can improve biological material and associated data (BMaD) quality, security and traceability as well as personnel safety and process efficiency
  • How innovative cryopreservation equipment and supplies can be integrated into collection and transportation process improvements
  • Documentation of biobanking processes and biological material traceability, utilizing BIMS and equipment specific inventory management software
  • How technological advances can assist in ISO standard compliance
  • How technology can affect biobank sustainability and adaptation to dynamic situations such as supply chain disruptions or other emergencies

Who should attend:

  • Cell and gene therapy (CGT) supply chain
  • Operations managers (CGT)
  • Directors of operations (CGT)
  • CGT process engineers and QA/QC personnel
  • Biobanking professionals
  • Researchers using cryopreserved materials

Brooks Life Sciences