Best practices for pipetting ergonomics
23 Feb 2022

This webinar presents an overview of pipetting ergonomics, pipetting risk factors, methods for reducing the risk of injury, and recommended solutions. It explains the stages of pipette-related repetitive strain injuries (RSI), how to recognize symptoms, and when to take action to prevent long-term injury.

Join Steve Beckett, Liquid Handling Product Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, as he talks about the factors that may increase the risk of injury, and offers practical education and advice on how to avoid those risk factors, including Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for safe pipetting.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understanding of good ergonomic pipetting practices
  • Awareness of pipetting risk factors and how to avoid them
  • Recommendations for good posture and pipetting environment
  • Advice and tips to reduce pipetting forces and improve efficiency 

Who should attend:

Any scientist working in a life science laboratory that carries out pipetting will learn something that supports them to pipette comfortably and safely.

Thermo Fisher Scientific