Automated sample preparation for pesticides using QuEChERS extraction and cleanup
16 Dec 2021

The QuEChERS analysis method is a popular solid-phase extraction method used for the analysis of pesticide residues in food. Communition for small and homogeneous test portions favors the QuEChERS automation for online and offline GC-MS and LC-MS analysis. The extraction part is standardized by the official methods EN 15662 and AOAC 2007.01., however, limitations of the method arise in the cleanup steps, analytically and for the lab logistics.

This webinar introduces automated sample processing of the QuEChERS analysis method for pesticides. The PAL System replaces the manual cleanup with an automated workflow designed for ease of handling, increased sample throughput. The automated solution uses micro-SPE columns for the cleanup step, and one type of cartridge is used for all food matrices.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Huebschmann, Gwen Lim and Chiew Mei Chong will present two workflow variations for high sample throughput in online GC-MS and LC-MS analysis. Plus, the integration of the QuEChERS extraction step will be demonstrated with the example of processing orange juice from extraction and cleanup to injection to GC-MS.

Key learning objectives

  • How the PAL System addresses and facilitates current laboratory demands, including the increase of sample throughput, reduced sample sizes, and preparing for GLP compliance with traceability
  • How complex manual workflows are automated with the PAL System: the automated sample preparation is demonstrated with QuEChERS extraction and micro SPE cleanup
  • How users of the PAL System create automated workflows using a graphical method composer

Who should attend

Lab managers and technicians in food, environmental, pharmaceutical or forensic laboratories in industry, contract labs, official control, and research.

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