Automated proteomics sample prep: Realizing the need for higher throughput, robustness, and standardization
30 Jan 2023

The lack of standardization and throughput in proteomics sample preparation has caused limitations within the field. Indeed, according to published reports, sample preparation traditionally accounted for 75% of the overall variability.

Automating the universal ProtiFi S-Trap™ proteomics sample preparation system with the Tecan Resolvex® A200 directly addresses this issue to yield a standardized, high-throughput proteomics workflow suitable for preparing all samples reproducibly, including samples that may contain additional contaminants such as surfactants in bioreactor supernatants. In this webinar, Dr. John P. Wilson, Ph.D. and Dr. John D. Laycock, Ph.D., will share how to use the affordable, small-footprint A200 and S-Trap™ 96-well plates to quickly and easily prepare samples for proteomics analysis without further method development.

Join this free expert webinar to learn:

  • What the Tecan Resolvex®A200 is, how it operates, and how easy it is to use
  • The traditional difficulties and importance of reproducible sample preparation
  • How the combination of the A200 and the S-Trap™ sample preparation system affords a standardized, universal system that provides high reproducibility and throughput at low cost without change of protocol

Who should attend:

  • All scientists and end users, regardless of skill level, who are in or wish to conduct proteomic sample preparation
  • All scientists and end users who use the multi-attribute method (MAM) in the development, quality control, and production of biological drugs
  • All scientists and end users who seek a standardized solution to the difficulties in proteomics sample preparation