An introduction to AI image analysis in microscopy
08 Feb 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI), which includes machine and deep learning technologies, is already embedding itself in our daily lives through technologies such as Alexa, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, and Tesla's Autopilot. Over the last four years, there has also been a trend towards microscopists using "AI-based" solutions for image acquisition optimization (smart microscopy), object classification, image classification, segmentation, restoration, super resolution, and virtual staining.

In this educational webinar, AI expert Dr. Quyen Tran will discuss the basic concepts of AI and define some key terminology that can be hard to decipher for non-AI experts. Through an engaging presentation, she will then discuss machine learning and deep learning and how they can be used for microscopy applications and image analysis to allow you to extract further insights and advance your research.

Key learning objectives

  • Discover the basics of AI within the microscopy field
  • Discuss how AI can enhance and denoise your images
  • Demonstrate how AI can help quickly segment your objects of interest

Who should attend

This webinar will be of interest to researchers at any stage of their career, from graduate students to PIs, who are curious about what they could do with AI in microscopy, or who want to improve their microscopy image quality and segmentation process with AI but are not sure where to start.

Leica Microsystems EMEA