Advancing oncology therapeutics development with 2D & 3D cell screening
30 Mar 2021

Leveraging screening of broad, diverse panels of cancer-relevant cell lines has historically yielded highly relevant data utilized in defining mode of action (MOA), expanding indications, as well as identifying potential combination partners driving the progression of oncology therapeutics through to the late-stage and clinical phases of the discovery continuum.

Integrating robust, high-throughput methods for screening in 3D models, including cell line-derived spheroids and patient-derived organoids, can enhance the clinical relevance of these programs.

In this SelectScience webinar, field applications scientist Vicki Racicot will highlight recent data generated by Horizon Discovery from 2D cell panel single-agent and combination screens, illustrating how it complements CRISPR screening results obtained in a parallel study. The results of other selected case studies will also be reviewed, revealing 3D-specific phenotypic signatures aligning with therapeutic target biology and/or genetic background of the oncology model(s) being interrogated.

Key learning objectives

  • Understand how integrating a 2D single-agent drug/cell panel screening approach, paired with advanced bioinformatics analysis, can drive validation of potential oncology-relevant therapeutic targets initially identified via CRISPR functional genomic screening
  • Visualize how a 2D therapeutic drug combination/cell panel screening approach can be used to generate relevant complementary data, enabling a better understanding of the mode of action and breadth of efficacy of cancer therapeutics
  • Learn how data generated from 3D cell panel screening approaches can enrich the understanding of oncology therapeutics efficacy in the context of a more complex in vitro cellular model

Who should attend

  • Scientists and researchers working in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, oncology research startups
  • Those interested in drug combination, automation, screening, patient stratification and early discovery
  • Scientists and researchers interested in antibodies, small molecules, oncolytic viruses
  • Lab managers, senior scientists, principal scientists, associate directors, directors or principal investigators

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary for continuing education purposes.

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