Address the dynamics of gene transfer efficiency in cancer therapies
31 Oct 2019

As one of the most common cancers worldwide, pancreatic cancer is estimated to account for 7% of all cancer deaths in the United States and is the third largest cause of death by cancer in Western countries. But with no specific symptoms, no early biomarkers, and very few therapeutic options available (other than surgery), research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of this cancer has never been more important.

In this webinar, Dr. Pierre Cordelier, senior researcher at the Toulouse Cancer Research Center, France, discusses how real-time imaging can be used to track gene expression in live cancer cells.

Attend this webinar and learn how real-time imaging technology, such as the IncuCyte® live-cell imaging and analysis platform, can be used to track gene expression following viral gene transfer in cancer cells and address the dynamics of gene transfer in gene therapy workflows.

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