Accelerating Nanobody Discovery Workflows with High-Throughput Flow Cytometry
11 Jun 2019

While antibodies are set to be increasingly important as therapeutic options for cancer and other diseases, the discovery of fully functional antibodies that lack light chains in Camelidae (camels and llamas) has opened the door to an exciting new generation of therapeutic antibodies known as nanobodies.

  Unlike conventional antibodies, the heavy-chain antibodies of Camelidae contain a single variable domain (VHH) and two constant domains (CH2 and CH3) only. Using these functional antibodies as a base, nanobodies – small, single-domain antibody fragments that retain full antigen-binding capabilities and the properties of heavy-chain antibodies – have been created.

  In this webinar, we look at these small, unique proteins and the use of MultiCyt cell encoder kits to label 2-4 different cell populations in a single fluorescent channel for the analysis of multiple cell lines simultaneously. Through multiplexing of primary screening assays and semi-automated dose response binding data analysis, we explore antibody binding using the Intellicyt® iQue Screener to accelerate lead identification.

  Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Efficient labeling of cells using MultiCyt encoder dye
  • Multiplexing of cell lines encoded with MultiCyt dyes to screen for compound binding (through examples from nanobody discovery campaigns)
  • Semi-automated data analysis with ForeCyt software to determine EC50 values from dose response binding

Sartorius Group