A masterclass in multiplex immuno-fluorescent image analysis of tumor samples
15 Dec 2021

Immuno-fluorescent multiplexing is a powerful tool in the field of tumor immunology for precise quantification of protein expression, distribution, and activation in situ. In this expert webinar, join HistologiX research scientist Andreas Theodosi as he looks at the image analysis of multiplexed immune-fluorescent stained tumor samples. Theodosi will discuss the benefits and limitations of using fluorescent multiplexing over other methods such as chromogenic single, serial section or chromogenic multiplexed techniques.

By attending this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The differences between different image analysis techniques
  • The workflow of immuno-fluorescent multiplexing
  • The analysis capabilities and quantitative endpoints available when working with immuno-fluorescent multiplexed images

Who should attend?

Digital pathology managers, senior research scientists, research scientists, image analysts and biomedical scientists

The Niche CRO Group