A complete oligo synthesis masterclass
20 Jun 2023

Oligonucleotides are paving the way for the advancement of modern drug development. In this webinar, MSc. Lina Borozdina, a nucleic acid synthesis expert at LGC Biosearch Technologies, will explain all you need to know to successfully set up your lab for oligo synthesis and give advice to those starting to synthesise their own oligos, including oligo chemistry, essential synthesis reagents, techniques, and instrumentation.

Key learning objectives

  • Gain a complete overview of the oligo synthesis process – from chemistry basics to the latest reagents and techniques used and post synthesis considerations
  • Learn how to select the right oligo synthesizer model for your research or production needs
  • Understand what you need to set up your laboratory correctly for safe and efficient oligo synthesis
  • Learn about the benefits of partnering with the right supplier during the development stage of your project

Who should attend?

  • Biotechnology and pharma companies
  • Assay developers and designers
  • Scientists developing oligo therapeutics
  • Laboratory managers looking to equip their teams with everything necessary for oligo synthesis

Certificate of attendance

All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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