From Start to Finish: How Agilent Can Support Better Decisions in IVT mRNA Based Biopharmaceutical Analysis

Development and production of IVT mRNA vaccines requires measurements of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs), such as identity, purity, quality, and quantity. Orthogonal methods developed for such purposes are outlined in the USP guidelines for mRNA vaccines.

Agilent Technologies provides many analytical solutions that are used by leading pharmaceutical companies in early-stage drug development through production quality control (QC) and final product release. These systems help users save time and money with optimized workflows, streamlined processes, and fast time to results.

Whitney Pike, M.Sc, Application Scientist and Dr. Sonja Schneider, Manager Application Development, Agilent Technologies, will discuss how the automated electrophoresis and LC/MS systems solutions from Agilent provide trusted answers for IVT mRNA workflows at many steps, from QC of the initial plasmid DNA, throughout the IVT process, and the finished mRNA drug product.

Key learning objectives

  • Explore QC throughout the entire IVT mRNA workflow, including data from various nucleic acids and LNP analyses
  • Discover how Agilent instruments/technologies, such as the Fragment Analyzer and LC/MS systems, can be used for different CQAs
  • Learn how Agilent is working together with its partners to provide trusted answers for all aspects of the IVT mRNA workflow

Who should attend?

  • Researchers, lab managers, lab directors, QA/QC managers performing IVT mRNA analysis in biotherapeutics research and production

Certificate of attendance
All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. PR7001-2498


Whitney Pike, MA
Whitney Pike, MA
Application Scientist, Agilent Technologies
Dr. Sonja Schneider
Dr. Sonja Schneider
Manager Application Development, Agilent Technologies


Will Thompson
Will Thompson
Editorial Assistant, SelectScience