Accelerating Process Development Through Rapid Aggregate Screening

During cell line screening and upstream process development of monoclonal antibody production, multitudes of samples are generated for product quality testing. Product aggregation, a crucial identifier for clone and process fit, traditionally requires extensive turnaround times. This approach bottlenecks analytical laboratories and delays development activities.

Turnaround times can be significantly reduced with the Valita Aggregation Pure Assay from Beckman Coulter, a rapid assay for monoclonal antibody aggregate screening and quantitation. Roger Connolly, R&D senior scientist at Lonza Biologics, and Dr. Anna Boland, a product development scientist at ValitaCell (now a part of Beckman Coulter), will demonstrate and compare the Valita Aggregation Pure assay with traditional methods for protein aggregation detection.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn about product aggregation during antibody development
  • Explore the new Valita Aggregation Pure assay
  • Gain insight into a detailed analysis of the assay and a comparison to the standard method HPLC-SEC

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who works in monoclonal antibody development and is concerned with protein aggregation

Certificate of attendance
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Roger Connolly
Senior Scientist, Lonza Biologics


Charlie Carter
Charlie Carter
Associate Editor, SelectScience