Top List: Trending in Lab Essentials: The Latest and Greatest in Water Purification

Explore the new technologies and techniques that promise to provide confidence and reproducibility in results

22 Jul 2019

Laboratory water quality can make a big difference to the operation of a lab and can have a significant impact on experimental results. Therefore, your choice of water purification systems is vital to provide the water purity and quantity required. In this article, we run through some essential water purification products and their latest applications.

The PURELAB flex 2

New hope for cataract treatment

Dr. Catherine Cheng discusses her work elucidating the molecular mechanisms that underlie age-related eye lens defects, namely cataracts and presbyopia, and how PURELAB® flex 2 water purification technology from ELGA LabWater helps achieve accurate results for the cellular and molecular experiments performed by the lab.

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Solutions for food safety monitoring and analysis of Antarctic ice

The PURELAB systems are designed to provide ultrapure type I (18.2 MΩ-cm) water from pre-treated water for a wide range of analytical and life science applications. Most recently, ELGA LabWater has described two food and beverage analysis methods using the PURELAB systems:

Researchers at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice have also shared in new videos how they use PURELAB systems to keep their samples contaminant free when studying Antarctic ice for environmental and climate investigation:

  • Investigating contaminants in Antarctic ice. Watch video>> 
  • A new method for investigating environmental tracers in ice. Watch video>> 

The ultimate lab water solution

Discover Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 integrated ultrapure & pure water systems from MilliporeSigma which promise consistently superior quality water, purified to trace levels.

Arium® pro VF

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Measure arsenic levels in water

Significantly simplify your graphite furnace method implementation through intelligent ashing and atomization optimizations, as achieved in this example analysis using the 200 AA Series from Agilent.

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Achieve ultrapure water for HPLC analysis

Gain affordable and on-demand ultrapure water with the arium® pro VF ultrapure water system from Sartorius for HPLC analysis applications including food analysis, environmental analysis, and medical and biochemical research.

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Choose the best water purification technology for you

Download this free eBook providing all the information you should consider when selecting new water purification technology for your laboratory. Plus, read reviews from your peers to help you buy with confidence.

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More trending news on the latest general laboratory products:

  • CORIO CP-600 and CP-300
    Precise temperature control: Discover the latest range of refrigerated and heating circulators from JULABO. The new CP models in the CORIO series are designed for precision, reliability, and economical functionality. Read article>>


  • Standardized NGS methods: Ensure reproducible evaluation of diverse microbial communities with Eppendorf's semi-automated liquid handling-supported workflow, from sample collection, preparation, and storage. Download method>>


  • Sampling for particle size analysis: Explore a range of sampling methods, considering sample mass, reliability and practicality, product homogeneity and the use of laser diffractions, with solutions from Malvern PanalyticalDownload method>>


The reviews about lab technology you use

Don't just take our word for it, read reviews left by scientists to help you choose the best instruments for your lab, or share your opinion to help your peers by writing your own review today. Read one of our latest reviews below by Paul Ford from McCormick & Co. for the PURELAB® flex 2 from ELGA LabWater.

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