Top List: The Latest Technologies and Methods for Environmental Research

Discover tips, tricks and time-saving solutions for your workflows

24 Nov 2015

Discover tips, tricks and time-saving solutions for your workflows

Learn more about the latest products and methods for environmental research and analysis.

1. Article: Legacy Flame Retardants, Emerging Flame Retardants and Dioxins: Risk Assessment

Some classes of brominated flame retardant (BFR) are well established as legacy contaminants, with more evidence of their negative impacts on the environment and health constantly reported. Discover work done to estimate potencies for a range of dioxins and furans, and learn the importance of holistic risk assessments. More information.

2. Article: Tips and Tricks for LC-MS

LC-MS enables sensitive analysis of complex samples and can detect very similar compounds. Optimization of your LC-MS system and workflow is critical to ensure minimal instrument downtime and troubleshooting. Learn how you can optimize your own workflow in this article. Read article.

3. Products: Food Safety Analysis and Testing Solutions Offer Exceptional Sensitivity and Performance

Discover new products and workflow solutions for food safety analysis and testing of environmental contaminants and residues from Thermo Fisher Scientific.  The company presented a range of innovations at the Seventh Annual International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis (RAFA) in Prague. Learn more.

4. Application Note: DNA Extraction from French Soils: Evaluation of Precellys®24-dual 7ml Vial

The Genosol platform is a biological resource center unique in France and Europe, devoted to the conservation and analysis of the genetic resources of soil microbial communities. The ambition of the GenoSol platform is to centralize the microbial genetic resources of soils and make them available to the scientific community together with the most up-to-date technologies for their characterization. This application note demonstrates the use of the Precellys®24-Dual, from Bertin Technologies, in the characterization of these soil samples. Download method.

5. Video: Introduction to QuEChERS Sample Preparation

The QuEChERS sample preparation technique is predominately used for extraction of pesticides and other contaminants from food samples; the method has revolutionized sample preparation and is now the industry gold standard. Watch this video to learn more about the QuEChERS process, troubleshooting tips and considerations to make. Watch video.

6. Products: Merck Introduces Spectroquant® Prove Family of System Spectrophotometers for Simplified, Durable and Secure Water Analysis 

Merck, a leading science and technology company, has introduced Spectroquant® Prove, a new class of spectrophotometers for simplified, durable and secure analysis of waste water, drinking water, beverages and process water. Spectroquant® Prove is available in three models to meet a broad range of requirements and offers the largest choice of water test kits and methods including complete documentation. Learn more.

7. Application Note: High Throughput Large Scale Genotyping in Soybean Utilizing Novel Microfluidic Reagent Dispensing Technology

Recent advances in DNA marker/QTL (gene) discovery and marker detection technology have great impacts on crop improvement through marker-assisted selection. To discover and deploy the DNA markers in plant breeding programs, establishing low cost, high throughput, large scale and reliable and flexible marker genotyping platform is one of key factors. Implementing high-throughput workflows for SNP genotyping platforms such as TaqMan and KASP assays requires accurate dispensing of assay master mixes and reagents. This poster demonstrates the use of Formulatrix’s Mantis liquid handler within the marker/QTL discovery and molecular breeding processes in a soybean program. Download method.

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