Top List: IMMUNOLOGY 2019: 5 Exhibition Highlights You May Have Missed

SelectScience attended this year’s AAI IMMUNOLOGY conference to bring you the latest news and technology in the field

10 Jun 2019

SelectScience® attended the American Association of Immunologists’ (AAI) annual IMMUNOLOGY conference in San Diego, California, USA. The conference brought together scientific and industry leaders from around the world to explore the latest advancements in immunology. In this article, find out about some of the technology highlights on offer from exhibitors at this year's event.

1. xMAP multiplex technology from Luminex

Luminex demonstrated the latest flow cytometry systems to join its diverse portfolio, including the xMAP multiplexing technology, designed to help you move from multiple assays to just one. At the conference, Luminex offered one-on-one sessions on developing custom assays and optimizing your laboratory experience. You can find out more about multiplex assay technology in this downloadable eBook.

2. BioLegend’s TotalSeq antibodies

BioLegend provided attendees with the chance to chat to immunology experts, pick up a range of ‘purple perks’ giveaways, and attend free demos of the latest products on offer. The BioLegend team also presented expert workshops, including a session discussing the applications and advantages of TotalSeq™, BioLegend’s range of oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies for proteogenomics studies.

3. The New Benchtop Quanterix SP-X™

Quanterix presented two posters highlighting how the SP-X™ imaging and analysis system is designed to use next-generation Simoa® planar array technology to offer true multiplex detection in immunology and immuno-oncology research. 

4. Single-Cell Immune Profiling Solutions with 10x Genomics

In its immune profiling workshop, 10x Genomics demonstrated a scalable method for deciphering TCR–pMHC specificity and explored how researchers are using this technology to unlock T cell repertoires and understand T cell specificity in tumors vs. healthy tissues using single-cell multi-omic analysis. Find out more about the Chromium Controller here.

5. Fluidigm Promises New Standard in Immune Profiling

Fluidigm presented the new Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling System, which brings together CyTOF® technology on the Helios™ system, a dry 30 marker antibody panel, and automated Maxpar Pathsetter™ software. This system is designed as a simple single-tube workflow for high-dimensional immune profiling of PBMC and whole samples.

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