Top List: 7 Top Videos from Neuroscience 2017

Watch our exclusive interviews from industry experts at the Neuroscience 2017 conference

03 Jan 2018

SelectScience® attended Neuroscience 2017, in Washington D.C, USA, to bring you all the latest science and technology news. Below, check out our 7 video highlights from the show floor at one of the world's biggest events in neuroscience.


The Highly Sensitive SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay System Detects Low Abundant Proteins

Detect extremely low levels of protein using highly sensitive single molecule counting (SMC™) technology in a fast, affordable and compact instrument: Discover the new SMCxPRO™ Immunoassay System from MilliporeSigma. Watch the video>>


The Antibodies Opening New Avenues of Neuroscience Research

Learn how scientists specifically target microglia cells in the brain using the purinergic receptor antibodies by BioLegend, and reveal the power of highly-selective antibodies as research tools. Watch the Video>>


Broad Portfolio of Antibodies Designed for Big Research Challenges

Be inspired by MilliporeSigma's extensive antibody validation values, and explore their broad portfolio of neuroscience-applicable antibodies, small molecules, agonists and antagonists. Watch the video>>


Big Data Image Handling to Study Brain Injury Response

Discover how to visualize very large two- and three-dimensional data sets from confocal, lightsheet and electron microscopy, using Vision4D and InViewR software packages from arivis AGWatch the video>>


Quick, Sensitive Detection of Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers using Multiplexing

Learn how multiplex technology, and the launch of SMC biomarker detection kits for amyloid ß (Aß42) by MilliporeSigma, are helping scientists to tackle Alzheimer’s disease. Watch the video>>


The BioSpa Automated Cell Incubation and Live-Cell Imaging System

Explore the BioSpa system from BioTek, that integrates automated incubation with multi-mode cell imaging to fully automate live-cell imaging and analysis. Watch the video>>


Effective Filtration Systems for a Streamlined Workflow

Discover the importance of the new Stericup® Quick Release Filtration System from MilliporeSigma in enabling researchers to achieve effective workflows. Watch the Video>>


Find out more on our Neuroscience 2017 special feature page and discover the hottest topics and the stand-out products of the 47th annual society for neuroscience meeting. 


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