Top List: 5 top trending videos on cell preparation, incubation and storage

Watch exclusive interviews with leading industry experts on the importance of precision cold storage equipment

07 Jul 2021

The rapid advancements in cell culture today have heightened the need for better laboratory cold storage. Here, we’ve pulled together a playlist of top interviews from The Scientists' Channel, our independent video platform for scientists and clinical experts around the world to share their work. Take a look at the videos below to learn more about how PHCbi cold storage technology solutions are supporting cutting-edge work across a range of fields.

How temperature solutions ensure COVID-19 vaccine supply chain integrity

David L. Melia, Chief Strategic Officer at blueRover, discusses the importance of effective temperature monitoring across the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and reveals how a partnership with PHCbi has provided an innovative end-to-end solution designed to ensure public safety.


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The magic behind conjugate vaccine development

Dr. Andrew Lees, CEO and Scientific Director of Fina Biosolutions, explains how the company has grown to offer a variety of bioconjugation and protein services and describes how the installation of PHCbi freezers has been instrumental in meeting the needs of his growing research team. Keep an eye out for an unexpected cameo from the part-time magician's fun-loving companion.


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The incubation technology accelerating CAR-T cell therapy development

Dr. Gerhard Bauer, Professor of Hematology and Oncology and Director of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory at the UC Davis Institute, highlights his current work on the production of CAR T cells in cancer treatment. Bauer’s team uses a CO2 incubator by PHCbi, which is critical to ensuring the lab’s gene therapy products are safe and contamination-free.


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How to overcome omic workflow bottlenecks in your clinical laboratory

Dr. John Wilson, founder and CEO of ProtiFi, discusses the importance of reproducibility in omic workflows for clinical laboratories and explains how ProtiFi has been able to help simplify processes from sample collection and preparation to process control, chromatography, and data analysis in the early detection of disease. Wilson highlights how PHCbi’s freezers help streamline sample collection and preparation in these omic workflows by preserving samples in a reliable and reproducible way.


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Discover the technology enabling innovation communities in bioscience

Susie Harborth, Executive Vice President at Breakthrough Properties, explains how a collaboration with PHCbi has been critical to her company's goal of delivering high-quality resources and environments that enable scientists to develop pioneering therapies, diagnostics and vaccinations.


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