Top List: Trending in food science: From simplified purity determination to fast, accurate spoiler monitoring

Discover the latest technologies and techniques that are revolutionizing quality control in the food industry

09 Oct 2019

The quality and safety of food are increasingly hot topics in science that impact significantly on human health and quality of life. As the growing global population puts ever greater demands on food supplies, there are multiple challenges to overcome and an increasing need for streamlined analytical workflows. In this top list article, we cover the latest advancements in food quality and safety testing, including rapid juice spoiler detection, a simple method for fast milk analysis and a guide to proximate analysis. Plus, a food testing expert shares the secrets to faster analysis.

Unlock the secrets to faster food quality & safety testing

In this exclusive interview, Jane Guido, principal scientist at Kalsec®, discusses challenges facing the food industry, innovative Waters technologies helping to accelerate analytical workflows and her predictions for the future. 
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Discover a simplified method for purity determination 

MPA II Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer by Bruker Optics
MPA II Multi Purpose FT-NIR Analyzer

This application note describes a rapid method to determine purity and characterize the contents of dairy samples, using the Pearl™ liquid transmission accessory from Specac
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Master your daily QA/QC with FT-NIR spectroscopy 

Learn more about the MPA II FT-NIR spectrometer from Bruker Optics, an ideal tool for the analysis of raw materials, intermediates and finished products along the food production chain. 
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Your guidebook to proximate analysis 

Proximate analysis is used to quantify macronutrients in food. Here, BUCHI shows a combination of extraction, Kjeldahl and NIR techniques used to determine protein fat, moisture, ash and carbohydrates. 
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How force testing ensures beer quality & shelf life 

DYNEO DD-1001F-BF Forcing Test Refrigerated-Heating Circulating Bath by JULABO GmbH
DYNEO DD-1001F-BF Forcing Test Refrigerated-Heating Circulating Bath by JULABO GmbH

Learn how the JULABO’s forcing test heating/refrigerated circulator determines the non-organic shelf life – hence, the expected lifetime of the beer in relation to turbidity – using an artificial hot-cold load. 
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Fast and accurate spoiler monitoring

Is microbial contamination of juice-containing beverages ‘spoiling’ your day? Discover the Flow VIT® Alicyclobacillus test system from Sysmex, designed for fast, specific, accurate and automated detection of the beverage spoiling microorganism.
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How to optimize workflows for sample prep & rapid analysis

Watch our on-demand webinar for insights on the latest LC-MS/MS technology that can be applied to food testing workflows to overcome common challenges, simplify sample prep, speed up analysis and minimize false reporting.
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