Special Feature: Scientists rate the latest technologies in the field of engineered antibodies

Take a look at what other researchers and scientists are saying about cutting-edge technologies in engineered antibodies

19 Mar 2021

Engineered Antibodies Top List

The demand for more targeted therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies has stemmed from recent developments in antibody production technology. Our Engineered Antibodies Special Feature highlights optimal antibody selection and application, label-free technology for drug discovery workflows, next-generation antibodies, and more.

As part of this feature, we’ve pulled together a selection of top reviews of the latest technologies to aid your work with engineered antibodies. Read on to discover what other scientists and researchers all over the world are saying about these products and how they could benefit your research.


1. Shailendra Kumar at Sterogene Bioseparations uses the Octet RED96e by Sartorius Group for determining binding constants, antibody discovery, and vaccine research:


Shailendra Kumar Review


2. Faraz Harsini at Xbiotech shares his opinion on the OctetRed384 by Sartorius Group:


Faraz Harsini


3. Sankalp Gupta at Sanofi uses the Octet HTX by Sartorius Group for high-throughput antibody characterization and small molecule analysis:


Sankalp Gupta


4. Catherine Langford, from University of Alabama, Birmingham, uses the CD133 antibody by Biorbyt, and here is what she has to say:


Catherine Langford

5. Aina Anthi at Mabtech AB uses the Octet Red384 by Sartorius Group for optimized selection of new antibody-producing cells:



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