Top List: Biological Safety Cabinets Tips & Tricks

09 Sep 2016

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Discover how to choose the right biological safety cabinet for your application, how to get the best results from your experiments and tips from NuAire, Inc. on how to handle common problems you may encounter when working in your biological safety cabinet. 


1. Purchasing Your Biological Safety Cabinet

The purchase of a biological safety cabinet should be made with much consideration. Learn about the value of a safety cabinet and how to determine your specific needs, including design, construction considerations, and the appropriate class for your applications. Download the guide>>


2. Understanding Your Biological Safety Cabinet

Discover why biological safety cabinets are the principal device used to provide containment of infectious splashes or aerosols generated by microbiological procedures. Watch the video>>


3. Air Filtration in Biological Safety Cabinets

Learn how the particle collection mechanism of HEPA filters makes them highly efficient for trapping hazardous bacterium and viruses, providing personnel protection in the biological laboratory. Download the application note>>


4. Ten Tips for Working Safely

Ensuring a good technique when working within a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) will minimize air turbulence and prevent splatter or unwanted spread of aerosols. Discover tips for good technique that will maximize potential protection of personnel, product and environment. Download the poster or watch the video>>


5. Procedures and Techniques for a Biological Safety Cabinet 

This video demonstrates the importance of proper procedures and equipment to provide primary personnel and environmental protection - biological safety cabinets are not a substitute for good laboratory practice and proper aseptic technique. Watch the video>>


6. Ten Easy Steps for Cleaning a Spill in the Biosafety Cabinet

Taking precautionary measures before and during your work with hazardous materials could help keep you and others safe. Download this application note for ten simple steps to keep you and your laboratory safe. Download the application note>>


7. Construction of your Biosafety Cabinet Matters

Learn why safety in the laboratory is so important, and how the construction of NuAire Class II Biological Safety Cabinets help protect laboratory personnel. Watch the video>>


LabGard Energy Saver NU-440 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (NuAire)

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