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03 Aug 2022

Choosing the right instrumentation and technology for your lab can be a complex decision. That’s why, SelectScience® lab product reviews can be a valuable tool, enabling you to make an informed choice and hear what other scientists have to say. 

With the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) conference taking place last week in Chicago, US, we’ve pulled together some clinical product reviews from the last few months. From hematology analyzers to automation-ready solutions, find out what kind of experiences other researchers, laboratory technicians and clinicians have had with these products.  

PHERAstar® FSX HTS Microplate Reader by BMG LABTECH

“The technical support and know-how both before and after purchase have been excellent as well, one of the reasons for selecting BMG LABTECH as the provider of microplate readers for our lab. Highly recommended for applications that require flexibility, especially assay development."  Chin Fen Teo, UCSF, 25 July 2022. 

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Atellica® Solution 
by Siemens Healthineers

“The service team from Siemens, such as the application team, the service engineer, the IT team and sales team, always lend their hand to help improve laboratory services. They will attend on our call with their professional skills and help the user solve the problems." Ai Chin Yeoh, University Malaya Medical Central, 24 May 2022.

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The best plate reader I have used!

Chin Fen Teo

UCSF, commenting on the PHERAstar® FSX HTS Microplate Reader

by Abbott

"Instrument usage is very easy. Assay limitations are greatly dependent on the collector. Appropriately collected sample will yield accurate results.” Christie Morse, Providence Hospital, 23 May 2022. 

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Hemo Control – Hemoglobin & Hematocrit analyzer by EKF Diagnostics

"This machine gives most accurate results, reproduceable, portable and economical in terms of space, easy to operate and calibrate.” John Wanyonyi, Loima Medical Clinic, 24 June 2022. 

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Great instrument for out patient services and point-of-care needs.

Christie Morse

Providence Hospital, commenting on the ID NOW™ COVID-19

DxH 900 Hematology Analyzer by Beckman Coulter

"We have been using Beckman Coulter instruments since 2013. We recently upgraded to a DxH 900/SMS II workcell and I couldn't have asked for a better analyzer! The DxH 900s are very user-friendly and we absolutely love the SMS II." Elizabeth Moyer, TidalHealth, 30 March 2022. 

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Disposable Hemocytometers by NanoEntek

"It is very easy and convenient to use in comparison with other conventional glass Hemocytometers. I can be guaranteed safety, and I can even conduct research more economically.” C-chip 2ch Disposable Hemocytometer, Daesoo Kim, Biometro, 28 July 2022. 

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NovoCyte Quanteon Flow Cytometer by Agilent Technologies

“The machine and software are user-friendly and being able to walk away while the machine runs a 96-well plate frees up SO much time. Another big advantage is the easy clean-up and shut-off procedure. I don't have to wait for the program to finish, so I'm not dreading being the last user of the day." Rita Turpin, University of Helsinki, 17 Feb 2022. 

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Excyte® 40 Automated ESR Analyzer by ELITechGroup

"It is easy to set up the tubes, and the ESR is ready in about 30 minutes. Quality Control is very reproducible and reliable. The instrument has no maintenance required and is extremely dependable. We have been using this instrument for many years without interruption." Lisa Nau, Catholic Health Mercy Hospital, 22 June 2022. 

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