Top List: 6 Trending Cancer Research Videos on The Scientists' Channel

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17 Jun 2019

The Scientist’s Channel enables scientists to present their work and share innovations and expertise by broadcasting to a global audience through a fully moderated, trusted and independent platform. In this article, discover six of the latest cancer research videos published on The Scientists' Channel.

Applying Light Microscopy Technology for Developmental Biology and Cancer Research at The Francis Crick Institute

Dr. Kurt Anderson, Head of Light and Imaging Analysis at The Francis Crick Institute, shares the numerous techniques and innovations of The Crick Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (CALM). The facility provides light microscopy and image analysis services to a wide range of research projects in the institute, primarily focusing on developmental biology and cancer research.

Photodynamic Treatment of Cancer

Dr. Theodossis Theodossiou discusses his team’s cutting-edge research into curing cancer with photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT is an exciting anti-cancer treatment, currently used clinically. It works by using light, a photo-activatable drug and oxygen to kill cancer, where the specificity of the treatment depends on which wavelength of light is applied. In this video, Dr. Theodossiou describes how his team are working to improve the efficiency and accuracy of PDT through a variety of methods.

A Novel Target to Inhibit Glioblastoma Invasion

Dr. Aleksandra Dukic, postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, describes a novel target for inhibiting glioblastoma cancer invasion into surrounding brain tissue and the importance of this work in addressing the need for innovative therapeutics to combat this aggressive cancer. Hear how the culture and analysis of glioblastoma patient-derived cells are vital to her work.

High Definition Biology: Technologies Advancing Cancer Research and Diagnostics

Tony Dickherber, SLAS Committee member, and Program Director at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), explores emerging technologies in cancer diagnostics and monitoring, including high-speed, high-throughput, multiplex assays, and how they contribute to developing effective cancer treatments.  

Results of the Monarch 2 Study Revealed at AACR 2019

In this video, Dr. Sara Tolaney explains how her team uses digital droplet PCR to assess for PICK-3CA and ESR-1 mutations, highlights the importance of obtaining real-time genomic information, and discusses what they are hoping for in future research.

Evaluating Tumor Mutational Burden with NGS

In this video, Prof. Paul Hofman outlines how his team use the Oncomine Tumor Mutation Load (TML) Assay from Thermo Fisher Scientific for next-generation sequencing (NGS) when evaluating tumour mutational burden (TMB).

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