Top List: 5 of the Latest Cytometry Techniques and Technologies from CYTO 2019

SelectScience editors reflect on the industry's innovations and advancements showcased at this year’s CYTO conference

08 Jul 2019

This year saw the 34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry. CYTO 2019 brought together the top faculty and industry leaders across all areas of cytometry to Vancouver, Canada, from June 22-24. In this article, find out more about the exhibition highlights you may have missed from this year's event.

Intellicyt iQue3 from Sartorius

1. Sartorius Expands its Cellular Analysis Portfolio

As the successor to the iQue Screener PLUS, the debuted Intellicyt iQue3 is designed to fully automate processing and analysis for flow cytometry workflows. Sartorius's next-generation flow cytometry system promises even more user-friendly operation and enhanced process security to ensure consistent and reliable results with minimal user intervention.

2. Novel Antibody Labeling Immunoassay for Multiplex Immune Profiling

Expedeon showcased ten of its Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits at this year's congress. These kits are designed to support single-cell analysis by enabling users to enhance the phenotypic analysis of heterogeneous cell populations, increase multiplexing capability compared to fluorophore labeling, and improve sample throughput and research output.

Aurora from Cytek Biosciences

3. Advanced Spectral Cytometry with the Cytek Aurora

Cytek's latest flow cytometry system was demonstrated at this year's event. Featuring five lasers, the advanced system is designed to enable more than 30 colors to be seen from a single sample. Find out more about the Cytek Aurora in SelectScience's expert interview videos>>

4. High Throughput, High-Speed Automated Cell Counter Launched

The Cellaca™ MX from Nexcelom is designed to improve sample quality resulting in more accurate cell sample concentration, viability, and morphology measurements. In addition, the newly launched solution promises reduced sample processing time and increased workflow efficiencies.

ID7000 Spectral Cell Analyzer from Sony

5. New Spectral Cytometer for Dim and Rare Cell Populations

Sony Biotechnology showcased its newly launched ID7000 Spectral Cell Analyzer, which promises to deliver comprehensive information about heterogeneous cell populations, with high sensitivity to detect dim and rare populations. The ID7000 can be configured with up to 7 lasers and 188 detectors, promising researchers the ability to perform experiments using 44 colors.

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