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Shodex is the brand name of the HPLC columns produced by Showa Denko K.K. (one of the largest Japanese chemical companies).

We have the advantage of polymer-based packing materials and have a wide choice of HPLC columns (more than 1,000 columns).

We have developed polymer-based gels and packed columns since 1973 and are a leading company in Japan.

We believe we can find a better solution for you with our polymer-based technology.

It is our pleasure to introduce Shodex columns for the members of selectscience.

Sugar series columns using dual mode of Ligand Exchange and Size Exclusion Chromatog...

​High performance Gel Filtration column from Shodex ® Chemistry: Diol ...

Polymer-based cationic Ion chromatography column; can suport suppressed and non suppr...

The Asahipak ODP series consists of eleven fully polymer-based C18 column for Revers...

HILIC columns for classical saccharide analysis. Functional group: NH2 ...

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