Introducing the impressiOn

5 August 2021

The Ziath ImpressiOn is a semi-automatic instrument that easily and reproducibly applies both friction seals (cap mats) and septum seals on carrier webs to SBS format tube racks. It can accommodate 96- 48- and 24-tube racks with their appropriate mats and removes the chance of developing a repetitive strain injury which can be prevalent when large numbers of racks must be sealed during a work session. With a foot print just a little bigger than a sheet of A4 or Letter paper and requiring only an AC mains connection, the ImpressiOn sits comfortably on most laboratory benches. It has been tested with tubes and seals from the following manufacturers: Thermo Fisher, Fluidx, Matrix, LVL, Greiner, Micronic, KBR, Hamilton and Eppendorf. For some types and heights of tubes, an optional adaptor plate may be required.