SelectScience Interview: Carsten Müller Tests the New SelectScience Website

Carsten likes the new navigation as it enables easy access to products, reviews, and applications

22 Mar 2015

Carsten has been a Member of SelectScience since September 2014

Carsten has worked at Cardiff University for 16 years, where he began as a Marie Curie Fellow before being awarded a lectureship. He studied chemistry at university and went on to obtain a PhD in marine chemical ecology. Today, Carsten is responsible for lecturing, developing research techniques for students, and teaching proteomics and metabolomics. Current research interests involve analyzing and profiling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) bouquets in the headspace of packaged food in order to determine shelf-life. In his spare time, Carsten enjoys singing in choirs and listening to Irish folk music.

Discovering New Technologies

Carsten has purchased Agilent GC-MS systems, LC-MS systems and numerous consumables during his career. The most recent purchase was the Markes International Thermal Desorber (TD100) with GC-ToF-MS; Carsten was involved in the development of the instrument for use in detecting VOCs in the headspace of foodstuffs.

Why SelectScience?

Carsten was nominated to take part in a video, filmed by SelectScience at Cardiff University, about the analysis of VOCs in bouquets from samples to evaluate how to prolong food shelf-life, and this gave him access to the site. He uses SelectScience to enable him to make researched purchasing decisions and keep up-to-date with new technologies. "SelectScience is a one-stop shop to gain insights into instruments relating to a project."

Reviews help with purchasing decisions by enabling more of an insight into the engineering and what is under the bonnet

Carsten Müller

Cardiff University 

About Cardiff University

Cardiff University is a top five UK university for research excellence and impact. The School of Biosciences is recognized at the highest levels and focuses on biological research, creating opportunities and challenges for science and its exploitation to benefit health and the environment. The department consists of four research divisions: Organisms and Environment, Molecular Biosciences, Pathophysiology and Repair, and Neuroscience. 

Beta Testing the New SelectScience Website...


  • The green color is really fresh and I find the font easy to read.
  • I like the navigation as it enables me to access to products, reviews, and applications easily.
  • I like how the videos and buying guides are displayed.


  • I would really like the Buying Guides to be more prominent on the website; these are really useful when making purchasing decisions.

"It was great to meet Carsten while filming an interview in his laboratory at Cardiff University. I thank him for taking the time to beta-test for us and look forward to collaborating with him in the future."     Lois Manton-O'Byrne, Deputy Editor, Applied Sciences 

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