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Sample Management

Sample management systems include sample storage devices such as freezers and plate storers, sample environment enclosures and sample organization, retrieval and sorter systems. Useful system features include high-throughput, automation, robotic arms, automated liquid handling and associated database systems. Accessories in sample management include barcode scanners, heat sealers and tubes.



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comSTACKER Multi-Rack input/output accessory

SPT Labtech

Product Image

BioMicroLab AutoCap

SPT Labtech

Product Image

BioMicroLab Barcode Scanning

SPT Labtech

Product Image

Micronic Tube Reader DT510


Product Image

4.00ml Tube with External Thread


Product Image

Product Image

Chameleon - Automated Platesealing Station


Product Image

Product Image

Product Image

1.40ml Internal Thread Screw Cap Tubes

NBS Scientific

Product Image

Cryo.s 8-Channel Handheld Decapper

Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Product Image

D-LID laboratory microplate delidder

Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd

Product Image


Peak Analysis and Automation Ltd

Product Image

Camargo Preclinical Service

Camargo Pharmaceutical Services