Extended sensitivity of microfluidic immunoassays

9 Apr 2024

The use of ligand-binding assays in biotherapeutic development is a mainstay in biopharma companies. Gyrolab Bioaffy™ CDs from Gyros Protein Technologies cover a wide range of assay formats and concentrations and differ primarily in the sample volume processed, which determines the sensitivity of the assay. The Gyrolab Bioaffy™ 4000 CD has been introduced to extend the sensitivity of the Gyrolab Bioaffy CD portfolio by increasing the sample volume in the CD to 4000 nL. Explore the poster to find out how PK and biomarker assay results support this extended sensitivity. Gyros details how using the Bioaffy 4000 CD increased LLoQ of Actemra® and Keytruda® PK assays from 60 ng/mL to 20 ng/mL and 18 to 6 ng/mL, respectively, demonstrating a three-fold increase.