Determining total cell count - MAVERICK biomass measurements

12 May 2024

When managing a bioprocess, it is essential to monitor and control several critical process parameters (CPP) to maintain optimal cell culture conditions, ensure product quality, and maximize yield. Multivariate optical sensing technologies often require substantial expert configuration and set-up time that can take months or years, and significant expense. MAVERICK offers the advantages of in-line Raman process analytical technology (PAT) without the cost and headaches inherent to the implementation of conventional process spectroscopy-based methods. MAVERICK measures and reports “biomass units” (BMUs) via volumetric scattering and absorption of the culture media. In this application note, 908 Devices highlights the linear correlation between BMUs and total cell densities as measured with a typical cell counter, plus how to convert BMUs obtained from MAVERICK into total cell densities.