Clinical applications of Molzym’s broad-spectrum molecular diagnostics

1 Apr 2024

Culture diagnosis is a standard method for identifying infectious agents in clinical microbiology, though it is often criticized for its lengthy time to results. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are frequently administered until species identity is confirmed, due to the slow nature of culture. Another limitation is its low positivity rate, often caused by initial antibiotic use or the specific growth requirements of certain microorganisms. Modern molecular methods detect microorganisms by analyzing their DNA, offering speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility without the need for cultivation. However, they are limited in the number of microorganisms they target. Molzym proposes a broad-range approach to overcome this limitation, and presents results from multi-site studies that support its Molecular Diagnostic Test (MMDx) as a precise and rapid tool for identifying pathogens directly from samples. MMDx has the potential to optimize laboratory workflow and provide clinically relevant information to improve patient outcomes.