Calcium Signaling with FLIPR Calcium 6 and 6-QF Assay Kits on the FlexStation 3 Reader

12 Feb 2019

FLIPR® Calcium Assay Kits from Molecular Devices employ sensitive calcium indicators and proprietary masking dyes to enable researchers to conduct highly sensitive fluorescent screens of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels, and other calcium sensitive targets. By using a novel dye formulation to further enhance the calcium flux assay signal window, assay robustness is increased, while providing greater assay protocol flexibility. As a result, the FLIPR Calcium 6 and Calcium 6-QF Calcium Kit dyes become more suitable for measuring calcium flux in 384-well plates with the medium throughput FlexStation® 3 MultiMode Microplate Reader using the 16 channel pipettor. Results are similar to those obtained on the FLIPR® Tetra System in high throughput mode.