A guide to LC-MS-based omics: Produce meaningful biological insights

29 Mar 2023
A guide to LC-MS-based omics application eBook front cover and first page preview

Omics is a rapidly evolving area of research that aims to characterize and quantify entire populations of molecules to provide insight into their function within a biological system. Omics approaches have become indispensable across a range of scientific fields, from basic and clinical research to agriculture, food analysis, and pharmaceutical discovery.

In this eBook, we explore how some of the key analytical challenges posed by quantifying proteins, metabolites, and lipids can be addressed using the latest-generation mass spectrometry instrumentation and computational analysis tools.

Download your free copy to learn more about:

  • High-throughput protein quantification in complex matrices
  • Absolute quantitation of fragile metabolites
  • Detailed analysis of the plasma lipidome in just 13 minutes
  • Decoding disease mechanisms using metabolic flux analysis
  • A multi-omic approach to Chinese medicine
  • Delving deeper into plant biology and crop health