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Q-POC™ SARS-CoV-2, Flu A/B & RSV Assay


Diagnosing, treating and managing clinically similar respiratory infections can be challenging.  The Q-POC™ SARS-CoV-2, Flu A/B & RSV multiplex assay provides rapid detection and differentiation of three leading respiratory diseases in just ~35 minutes. Running on the “one sample, one test” portable Q-POC™ platform, the test provides results you can trust at the Point of Need.

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Microsemi CRP LC-767G

HORIBA Medical

This new generation analyzer Microsemi CRP LC-767G is more compact and proposes enhanced software and network connectivity providing higher memory, usability plus a new ratio: Granulocytes-to-Lymphocytes Ratio (GLR).

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EVIK DxSpheres - Lyophilized reagent beads

Evik Diagnostics

EVIK™ DxSpheres - A solid assay solution. EVIK DxSpheres are precise-durable spheres, originating from a few uL drops of liquid reagent mix. EVIK helps assay developers solve the common challenge of reagent stability by incorporating reagent(s) into stable lyophilized beads that are versatile for use in micro-fluidic cartridges or other custom devices.

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Innova Biosciences - Conjugation Services

Innova Biosciences Ltd.

Innova Biosciences – Antibody Conjugation Service Bio-conjugates can be challenging to optimise and time consuming to produce: 1. Too much conjugation may result in the target protein becoming inactive and insoluble. 2. Too little conjugation can result in weak signals. 3. Our competitors require milligrams of your precious material and have a 2 week process time. Fast & FAb™ Antibody Conjugation Service – Innova Biosciences t…

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