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Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Jeio Tech, Inc.

Performance Microprocessor PID control / Temperature calibration / Automatic tuning. Advanced performance of low and high temperature and humidity control, achieved by adapting the humidification tank exterior to the chamber, added benefit for long term test. Water recycling and filtering system reduce water consumption for longer operation. Air-tight door closure with perfect sealed packing. - Heat-resistant sil…

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Daisy Incubator


The DAISY II Incubator has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Results can be determined for In-Vitro True Digestibility, Apparent Digestibility, Rate studies, Neutral Cellulase Gamanase Digestibility, and other related studies for all feeds and forages.

|1 Review

PR1MA Digital Incubator


Digital temperature control Personal sized, 13 x 14.5″ footprint (20 L) Accepts bottles and flasks up to 2 L Internal outlet, for installation of shaker, rockers, etc. With digital temperature control, the PR1MA™ Digital Refrigerated Incubator provides convenient “set and walk away” operation, eliminating the need for external thermometers and repetitive “fine tuning” of an analog control knob. Simply choose the…

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BOD Incubators

Bionics Scientific Technologies (P). Ltd.

BOD Incubators are designed to meet incubation criteria required in bod analysis of water and wastewater samples, fermentation studies, plant and insect studies and bacterial culturing etc. Equipping with superior quality instruments, they deliver the performance, quality and reliability required by researchers and clinicians worldwide.

|5 Reviews

CO2 Incubator


This incubator is ideal for experiments involving cultivation of animal cells, sperm / ovum, anaerobic cells, all types of microbe cells, hatching/germinating and special tissues. 

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