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Meso Scale Discovery



V-PLEX Assay Platform

Meso Scale Discovery

V-PLEX validated immunoassays deliver reproducible, reliable results to support the most demanding long-term studies. Offering exceptional dynamic range, high sensitivity, and lot-to-lot consistency, V-PLEX assays are available as individual analyte kits and in preconfigured and custom multiplex panels.

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SECTOR® Imager 6000

Meso Scale Discovery

The SECTOR Imager 6000 reader is the newest member of the award-winning SECTOR Imager product line. The Imager 6000 uses ultra-low noise charge-coupled device (CCD) camera with custom-designed telecentric lenses for rapid detection in all MULTI-ARRAY® or MULTI-SPOT® plates. It is ideal for applications requiring high information content and high throughput. Whether you are multiplexing biomarkers and cytokines or screening kin…

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