Whitley H55 Hypoxystation by Don Whitley Scientific

The first Hypoxystation with two airlocks, two sets of sleeved ports, and the option of having different temperatures in either chamber. This unique cell culture workstation also has the option of HEPA filtration. 

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Whitley H55 Hypoxystation
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The Whitley H55, like our other Hypoxystations, provides the facility to mimic in vitro conditions, providing a continuous cell culture environment that eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH levels and oxidation, yielding better cell lines. This workstation allows you to control O2 in 0.1% increments up to 20%; CO2 in 0.1% increments up to 15%; and relative humidity up to 80%. Two people can easily work side-by-side in this chamber, in the same environmental conditions.

If you want to be able to operate your workstation with two different temperature levels, specify the dual temperature option. This provides a central divider between the workstation chambers allowing you to select different temperatures for each side. A manually operated sliding door between the two chambers allows items to be passed from one area into the other.


  • 600 litre capacity
  • Four oval, sleeved ports and two rapid airlocks (one on the left and one on the right)
  • Easily accommodates a range of laboratory equipment
  • Colour touchscreen interface 
  • Removable front as standard
  • HEPA filtered version available to provide levels of atmospheric cleanliness inside the workstation that exceed the requirements of ISO 14644 Class 3
  • All the atmosphere inside the chamber passes through the filter hundreds of times an hour, which ensure the chamber environment is cleaned quickly
  • Comes complete with a custom-designed trolley.