Whitley H35 HEPA Hypoxystation by Don Whitley Scientific

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Hypoxic workstation with HEPA filtration.

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Whitley H35 HEPA Hypoxystation
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Average Rating: 4.7
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  • Member since: 2020

  • Organization: Umeå University

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
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Essential for our day to day lab work in a low O2 environment.
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Mammalian cell culture

"We bought the H35 HEPA with humidification system for long term culture of mammalian cells and to combine this with the Seahorse platform contained in a connected i2 system. Don Whitley products are incredibly well designed and manufactured making them a joy to use. I can't recommend their products highly enough!"

Review date: 03 Dec 2020 | Whitley H35 HEPA Hypoxystation

The H35 HEPA Hypoxystation is a cell culture chamber ideal for those requiring HEPA filtration, as well as being able to accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. 

Key Features:

  • Control O2 in 0.1% increments up to 20%; CO2 in 0.1% increments up to 15%; and relative humidity up to 80% - provides flexibility in your research and confidence in your results.
  • Fitted with the unique Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System. All the atmosphere passes through the filter every four seconds, which ensures the chamber environment is cleaned quickly. Placing the filters inside the workstation prevents the filter becoming saturated. Rather than use off-the-shelf filters, DWS has worked with one of the world's leading filter manufacturers to develop a filter specifically tailored to suit this Hypoxystation.
  • Levels of atmospheric cleanliness inside the workstation exceeds the requirements of ISO 14644 Class 3.
  • We can provide proof of atmospheric cleanliness.
  • Fitted with a fan that circulates the internal atmosphere continuously - contributing to even temperature distribution and ensuring any internal particulate will be in motion.
  • Has a removable front as standard to facilitate thorough cleaning and the transfer of bulk samples or larger pieces of equipment for use in the workstation.
  • Built-in rapid airlock to ensure samples can be transferred into the workstation atmosphere as soon as possible (only takes 60 seconds).
  • Colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as O2 level, CO2 level, temperature, humidity, and airlock cycle status.
  • Fully integrated gas control avoids bulky add-on systems and reduces the need for additional bench space.
  • CO2 Monitoring device fitted as standard to enable you to experiment using different concentrations of CO2.

An ideal solution for Seahorse Analyzer users is to purchase the H35 HEPA along with the new Whitley i2 Instrument Workstation. These two workstations can be connected via the Whitley Transfer Tunnel, enabling preparation of cell lines under hypoxic conditions and their transfer directly into the i2 without exposure to air.