Whitley H135 GMP Hypoxystation by Don Whitley Scientific

Manufacturer Don Whitley Scientific  |   Model: A20000
Don Whitley Scientific has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of controlled atmosphere workstations, and in 2013 developed the Whitley Internal HEPA Filtration System, primarily to serve our research customers. In collaboration with customers running GMP licensed facilities, we have now developed a GMP capable workstation that combines sterile laminar airflow with the ability to control atmospheric oxygen content from ambient down to 0.1%.  

Whitley H135 GMP Hypoxystation by Don Whitley Scientific product image
Whitley H135 GMP Hypoxystation
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The H135 GMP Hypoxystation* is the latest workstation to be added to the DWS range, and is specifically designed to be used as a clean-air isolator in processes following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This new workstation provides Grade A air cleanliness (EU GMP) and combines sterile laminar airflow, positive operating pressure, and physical isolation, to provide highly effective product protection. Due to being a completely closed, re-circulating, isolator system, this workstation can be housed in a Grade D cleanroom during GMP compliant use.

The full-time environmental control offered by the H135 GMP Hypoxystation maximises the reproducibility of the cell-manufacturing processes carried out inside. Further, the H135 GMP Hypoxystation is designed to be modular and can be combined in different ways to form a production line that ensures that the cell-culture environment is never broken from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process.