Vented Enclosures by Air Science USA LLC

Manufacturer Air Science USA LLC  |   Model: VE24S  |  Available Worldwide
Ideal for containment of powders and fumes during compounding or weighing, Vented Enclosures offer important safety features that are not found with any other competitive products.

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Vented Enclosures
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Vented Enclosures™ provide effective containment of airborne particulates during manipulation and transfer of potent compounds. Our in-house research suggests that even slight modifications of enclosures can result in containment factors from the microgram down to the nanogram. Our turbulent-free design utilizes environmentally friendly, ductless technology in combination with carbon / HEPA filtration to provide precise, safe containment in all applications. Ductless technology also makes installation of dedicated workstations easy, as no additional HVAC design is required. Air Science offers a host of vented enclosures to meet every analytical need.

Vented Enclosure Features & Benefits

  • Our Vented Enclosures are available in 8 standard sizes, in metal, stainless steel, or polypropylene construction, totaling 24 standard models.
  • Increase operator safety by trapping potent powders at the nanogram level.
  • No HVAC tie-in requirements, decreasing energy load and increasing installation possibilities.

Product Overview

Vented Enclosures by Air Science USA LLC product image

Vented Enclosures

Manufacturer Air Science USA LLC  |  Available Worldwide

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