UVP Solo Elite by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

The UVP Solo Elite is the perfect addition to any lab running routine gel analysis, imaging and documentation. This compact imager provides researchers rapid processing in a bench space saving format. With the most competitve specifications on the market and a budget friendly price, the UVP Solo Elite is the right fit for your lab.  

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UVP Solo Elite
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This all-in-one system features an integrated 11.6-inch touch screen computer, a high resolution 6.3 MP camera - available as color or monochrome with an automated lens, a three-position filter tray with pre-installed filters, overhead blue and white LED lighting, and the UVP Elite UV Transilluminator (302 nm).


  • Easily switch between emission filters
  • The three-position emission filter tray can be used to place three different filters and switch between them for different applications. An Ethidium Bromide filter is included with the system, but a variety of other emission filters are available for additional purchase.
  • Camera options
  • Choose from a 6.3MP color or monochrome camera with an automated lens. The Elite color camera can capture the natural color of the samples, eliminating the need for multiplexing and reducing post-image processing for high-quality color images.
  • Intuitive Software with easy access to capture controls
  • VisionWorks software on the UVP Solo Elite is a powerful yet intuitive software for capturing gel images and analyzing them. The simple user interface enables easy access to auto and manual image capture modes under the Device tab. Exposure time can be adjusted with customizable exposure settings. Captured images are saved in TIFF or JPEG formats.