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UVP Hybridizer Oven by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

The UVP Hybridizer Oven provides uniform temperature and rotation controls for thorough mixing of materials.  

UVP Hybridizer Oven by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG product image
UVP Hybridizer Oven
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UVP Hybridizer® Ovens are designed to create the ideal environment for nucleic acid hybridization.


Key Features:

  • Temperature control (ambient to 99.9ºC)
  • Variable speed control (10 to 18 RPM) enabling consistent saturation of samples, whether it be for washing or hybridizing
  • A large LED, which displays the current temperature inside the chamber,
    is situated above a touch sensitive key pad for temperature control
  • The rotary wheel can be removed and replaced with an interchangeable
    rocker plate enabling all hybridization protocols in one benchtop unit
  • A removable protective tray allows easy cleanup of spilled media
  • Adjustable RPM knob lets you slow down the rotary wheel for removal of samples
  • The rotary wheel can hold twenty (20) 35 x 150mm, ten (10) 35 x 300mm at the same time
  • Stainless steel internal construction
  • Multiple bottle sizes, arrangements and off-set bottle positions (three bottle sizes available)
  • Four (4) oversize bottles, 75 x 300mm, can be used with the optional oversize bottle carousel kit
  • Optional rocker plate

    Dimensions:  Interior 14"W x 10.75"H x 10.75:D (356 x 273 x 273mm)