UVP GelStudio™ PLUS Imager by Analytik Jena GmbH

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UVP GelStudio DNA gel imagers offer high-resolution and sensitive imaging of DNA and protein gels and work with an unlimited range of excitable stains and dyes.

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UVP GelStudio™ PLUS Imager
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  • Member since: 2020

  • Organization: Wayne State University

  • Ease of use
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Great machine and so easy to use.
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Imaging of ethidium bromide gels

"The imager is very easy to use and produces quality images."

Review date: 07 Dec 2020 | UVP GelStudio™ PLUS Imager

The UVP GelStudio and UVP GelStudio touch systems are essential to laboratories performing genomic and proteomic applications. These gel documentation systems are used for high sensitivity imaging of DNA gels, protein gels, Coomassie Blue, GelGreen, SYBR Green, and a wide range of genomic applications. The ergonomically designed GelStudio is available as a stand-alone system as well as an external computer version for those laboratories with particular IT/computer restrictions. The UVP GelStudio is also available as a PLUS model with an increased imaging area.


  • Available as a touch screen controlled system or as an external computer-operated system, for those laboratories with particular IT/Computer requirements.
  • High sensitivity camera and optics.
  • The imager features a 12-megapixel camera, with an automated f/1.2 zoom lens.
  • Contrast-rich images of fluorescent and colored samples. Integrated, 13.3-inch, multi-touch computer, with large storage capacity; PLUS models available with a 15.6-inch multi-touch computer. Ideal for multitasking and viewing several images.
  • Fully networkable system. Connects over the wireless network for simple transfer of files and data.
  • Wide maximum illuminated imaging area for imaging multiple gels of various sizes 16.8 x 21 cm (PLUS models = 25 x 26 cm). Compact footprint which maximizes laboratory bench space.
  • Unique "Slide2Hide" door, features smooth operation and limits benchtop interferences when tucked beneath the darkroom door. Integrated UV Protection Shield, maximizes protection from UV radiation while working over the transilluminated surface.
  • Overhead white and RGB LED lighting comes with the system. Five-position automated, filter tray for easy access (Ethidium bromide filter included) Upgradeable to support UVP eLITE Light Source module, for excitation from 400 to 800 nm wavelength applications.
  • VisionWorks touch software features Templates for automated image acquisition and enhancement.
  • Acquisition settings such as auto-exposure, focus, zoom, lighting, and filter selections can easily be saved and reused, for one-touch capture.


Gel Imaging, DNA gels, Coomassie blue, Protein gels, Blue/White gels, Plant Imaging, Fluorescent dyes, Colorimetric Multiplex Imaging, Colony counting.