UVP 3UV™ Transilluminator by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG

Analytik Jena's patented UVP 3UV™ Transilluminator provides the selection of longwave, midrange and shortwave ultraviolet in one compact unit.  

UVP 3UV™ Transilluminator by Analytik Jena GmbH+Co. KG product image
UVP 3UV™ Transilluminator
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Key Features:

Easily view gels under longwave for extended periods of time avoiding photonicking damage. Researchers can switch to midrange to increase the fluorescence for photodocumentation. Shortwave is used to irradiate samples. 2UV models provide longwave and midrange UV. All UVP Transilluminator models are compact, lightweight units. These 8-watt models provide a low cost alternative to the UVP PLUS Transilluminators. A variety of filter area work surface sizes are available. Clear UV blocking cover included with each transilluminator.


11"D x 14"W x 5"H (279 x 356 x 143mm) Height includes UV blocking cover.