Thermal Tube Racks by MéCour

Manufacturer MéCour  |  Available Worldwide
MéCour Thermal Tube Racks for Heating/Cooling as part of lab automation systems

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Thermal Tube Racks

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MéCour Thermal Tube Racks are designed for either benchtop or automated applications and for either conical or straight wall tubes for all sizes. Temperature range is +125°C to -25°C (lower temperature to -65°C available). All thermal wells are designed to transfer uniform temperature to all 48 tubes. Tube capacities per end user requirements to improve uniform reproducible results and work flow. Different sized tubes and capacities can be accommodated in any tube rack design.

These thermal systems supports large batches of  bioanalytical processes from aliquoting through analysis and samples while properly temp controlled to maintain sample integrity for either short- or long-term cycles.

Ideally suited for a variety of applications, such as drug screening, biological and cell-based assays, microbiological testing, genomics, and cell culture within research areas spanning drug discovery, biopharmaceuticals, synthetic biology and many more.