T7 Excellence Titrator by Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

Manufacturer Mettler-Toledo International Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
The flexible and expandable T7 is designed to fit your needs for a wide variety of applications. With the possibility to combine up to three different analyses in a single method, the T7 system can be expanded to perform pH and conductivity measurements and titrations. Together with the volumetric or coulometric Karl Fischer Kit, the instrument can be used to determine water content down to 1 ppm.  Powerful automation options will ensure that you get accurate results with maximised efficie

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T7 Excellence Titrator
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Besides the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click® Titration, Plug & Play and the method database, the T7 offers a number of important features: 

  • Expandable to perform conductivity measurements
  • More flexible methods with loops
  • Task List for sequential analysis of different methods or series
  • Continuous runs
  • Automation with Liquid Handler
  • Solvent Control for KF solvent monitoring and automatic replacement
  • Accompanying pH-stating
  • Possibility to upgrade to T9 firmware