Suprapur High Purity Acids by Merck

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide
The reagents for sample preparation have an important impact on the outcome of the measurement. In modern instrumental trace analysis, any impurity can disturb the measurement so acids with low impurities should be used to minimize the interference on the instrument signal. High purity Suprapur ® acids offer the most suitable purity of wet digestion materials with low impurities during the entire minimum shelf life.

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Suprapur High Purity Acids
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Key Benefits:

  • Choose your purity grade for instrumental trace analysis
  • Suprapur® acids filled in borosilicate glass or extra pure HDPE material
  • Certificate of Analysis gives an extensive impurity profile

Whenever you are using an acid, you have to consider your application, your target and of course your budget. For wet digestion, take a look at our high purity Suprapur® acids designed especially for instrumental trace analysis. Each application is different and therefore we offer a wide range of acids in different grades and many different packaging sizes and materials so you can choose the one you need.

Suprapur® acids and bases are suitable for trace analysis in the ng/g (ppb) range.

Suprapur® acids are filled in borosilicate or extra pure PE bottles. The material minimizes any elemental impurity of the acid, so the specification of the unopened bottle is kept during the minimum shelf life. The bottles are cleaned and pre-conditioned before filling and quality control is done after filling. This gives you the assurance that the certified batch values are those values of the filled acid. Suprapur® reagents are packed in a stable outer-box.

Suprapur® hydrogen peroxide is packed in a black bottle to protect it against light. The bottle is made of extra pure PE material to avoid any contamination. To make it more safe for you, hydrogen peroxide bottles are closed with the SafetyCap.

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Suprapur High Purity Acids by Merck product image

Suprapur High Purity Acids

Manufacturer Merck  |  Available Worldwide

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