SuperNova Fluorescent Polymer Dyes by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

A stellar new way to see dim populations

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SuperNova Fluorescent Polymer Dyes
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SuperNova Dyes: Next generation Polymer Dyes

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences introduces next generation polymer dyes bringing cutting-edge science to clinical research. Supernova dyes are a novel range of polymer dyes that are brighter than conventional fluorochromes.

SuperNova conjugated antibodies not only deliver unique brightness for flow cytometry staining, but also generate limited non-specific staining through our proprietary formulation.

SuperNova v428

  • First dye of the series
  • Optimally excited by the violet laser (405 nm) with an excitation maximum of 414 nm
  • Has an emission peak of 428 nm
  • Can be detected using a 450/50 bandpass filter or equivalent

It is amongst their brightest dyes excitable by the violet laser, and therefore particularly suited for assessing dimly expressed markers.

SuperNova Tandem Dyes

SuperNova v605 and SuperNova v786 are tandem polymer dyes, derived from the core SN v428. Both share the same absorbance characteristics, with a maximum excitation at 414 nm. With emission peak respectively at 605 and 786nm, they are optimally detected using the 610/20 and 780/60 nm bandpass filters of the flow cytometer.

SuperNova tandem-dye technology

SN v428 is a Beckman proprietary bright polymer dye that can be activated with amine for tandem dyes, followed by maleimide activation for tandem conjugates. Rigidity of our polymer dye structure helps to reduce rotational energy leading to brighter emissions. This along with our exceptional manufacturing in proprietary formulations helps to achieve optimized FRET efficiency and increased stability.